Chairmens' Statement

End of year messages from the Trust and Company Chairman, together with a look ahead at the challenges we face in 2021 and what we intend to achieve during the year ahead.

2020 End of year statement - Stephen Lacey - Trust Chairman

“The challenges that 2020 brought to the Trust were immense, and it is with great pride that I look back on how, the Trust, the Company, our volunteers and our visitors adapted to the ever-changing challenges we faced. With the great resilience shown by many people, we can pull positives from what was a globally dour year.

The refurbishment of the RBM Mk1 Coach, would not have been possible without generous donations from our supporters, and a flexible approach to working by our volunteers. Likewise, our operating days, galas and Santa Specials were a successful tribute to volunteers and visitors alike, who adapted to social needs but proved the events be no less enjoyable for all. Even so, the Trust did see a huge reduction in income, and this will continue to be the case in 2021

Trustees and Volunteers alike are keen to increase the momentum of key projects over the next 12months, and as I write this we are progressing the development of the Somervale area for increased covered siding space.  

Our great concern is the ability to cover our day to day costs with a reduced income will mean projects like this will suffer. I cannot stress how important the continued support from our members and visitors will be in 2021. Income will undoubtedly continue to be affected, and with no real end in sight to the current pandemic, we face tough times. If we wish to continue with rebuilding a section of the iconic S&D we need everyone’s support more than ever, and I hope that in twelve month’s time, we can pull even more positives from what looks to be another testing year”.

Trust Chairman Stephen Lacey
Stephen Lacey
Company Chairman Matt Cornborough
Matt Cornborough

2020 End of year statement - Matt Cornborough - Company Chairman

"Well we've reached the end of our operating year at Midsomer Norton and what a year it's been! 

We just managed to squeeze in our Spring Gala in early March and then Lockdown 1 came along.  We managed to resume operations on the 2nd of August and then ran trains every Sunday until our Autumn Gala at Halloween weekend followed by Lockdown 2.  Our Santa Specials came along in December and were a great success enjoyed by our passengers little and large and then the year round off with our Mince Pie Specials. 

We've needed to adapt our operations to reflect the needs of the time and have also revamped our buffet offering.  A great effort by all volunteers and not least a big thank you to our passengers who we love working with and without whom we would not be able to continue. 

Looking forward to returning to action in time for Easter as the situation permits. 

Thank you one and all! "