Refreshments at the station

For refreshments during your visit try out our recently restored RMB (Restaurant Miniature Buffet) - this is located in the "Dock Road" (down the path from the museum building). There is a patio area adjacent with outside seating which is very pleasant on a warm day.

The RMB serves hot and cold beverages, alcoholic drinks, a selection of crisps, cakes and pre-packed confectionery.

Opening times normally 10am to 3pm on days when the site is open to the public - see timetable for when this is - times may vary for special events.

Here are some pictures of the RMB showing the wonderful interior restoration which our volunteers and others have done. Compare these with those showing the sad, vandalised condtion of the carriage when we took delivery.  This restoration was achived in less than six months thanks also to the generous donations from our supporters which enabled us to contract in the services of a top quality carriage restoration firm.



BR Mk 1 RMB (Restaurant Miniature Buffet) No 1885 (previously M3764 then later W3764)

BR Mk 1 RMB (Restaurant Miniature Buffet) No 1885 (previously M3764 then later W3764)

Built by BR York works in 1953 as a normal TSO (Tourist second Open ) to Diagram 93 Lot 30079. For over 25 years it was allocated to the London Midland Region of British Railways. Then in December 1981 it was reallocated to the Western Region. Withdrawal came in October 1985. It was eventually purchased for use on the Swanage Railway in 1987. It was decided to convert it to an RMB. This reduced the seat number down from 64 to 44. It operated over the Purbeck line until a few years ago. It was purchased by the S&D Railway Heritage Trust in November 2019.