Harry McConnell - Volunteering at Midsomer Norton

Harry McConnell

The second in a series of interviews with our working volunteers - Harry McConnell

Working volunteers are the lifeblood of heritage railways and without them, we would not be able to operate trains or undertake the dozens of jobs necessary to operate a heritage railway. This is the second in a series of interviews with our working volunteers.

What made you volunteer at Midsomer Norton?

I've always had an interest in railways at a young age, with it's history and glorious new base at Midsomer Norton south. Joining the S&D back in 2017 was a no brainer.

What do you enjoy best about being a volunteer?

The thing I like the most at the railway is being able to get up close and personal with the engines as I worked my way up from a locomotive cleaner to a fireman in three years. I really enjoy the diversity at the railway working alongside people from many walks of life. 

What training did you receive when you joined?

When I started as a volunteer I was given a site induction, personal track safety and rules exam. These were standard procedures when I joined then as I started working on the locomotives I was given training molded to my interests and future goals.

What's it like being a volunteer at Midsomer Norton?

In the three years so far it's been great, everyone at the railway is very friendly and always a pleasure to work alongside. It feels good to be volunteering at an iconic railway. 

Why do you think other young members should join?

The railway is ever-expanding and we need more people on board to see the future preservation of the former Somerset and Dorset for further generations to enjoy. Like myself even if you have an interest in railways or non at all we are always looking for people from all walks of life to join us