Class 107 Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU)

The two cars were built at Derby Works in 1960/61 and are SC52006, a Driving Motor Brake Second (DMBS) and SC52025, a Driving Motor Composite Lavatory (DMCL). Originally these cars were built and operated as a three car set with an intermediary trailer car between the two driving cars. They are similar to other units built at the same time at British Railways Derby Works but are of a more robust steel construction, earning them the nickname of "Derby Heavyweights" along with other steel bodied vehicles. Built for the Glasgow suburban services on the Scottish Region, the entire class remained in Scotland until withdrawal in the early 1990s.

The first week in April 2022 saw the arrival of the latest items of rolling stock to Midsomer Norton with a two car Class 107 Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU). The Somerset and Dorset Railway remained principally a steam operated railway until the day it was closed in March 1966. However in the early 60s a small number of diesel multiple units did run over the line on a number of enthusiast specials. Now over 60 years later a two car Class 107 DMU unit will be based at Midsomer Norton and will be used on regular passenger trains to provide passengers with a unique means of enjoying a journey and views of the scenery from a different perspective.

A small group of members joined together to purchase the two car Class 107 unit that was previously based at the Avon Valley Railway at Bitton.

Both cars are powered, each having two 150 horsepower Leyland engines. Overall the units are in a good condition, with the bodywork requiring only some minor work and painting. On the mechanical side, the four engines will undergo a basic service including filters and oil change prior to them going into service. It will be used on midweek passenger trains and at various gala events that the railway will hold during the year.

A major advantage of a DMU is the ability to be quickly brought into service. DMCL SC 52025 also has a number of first class seats behind the driving compartment and this unit faces towards Chilcompton, allowing passengers to travel in first class comfort and have a driver’s eye view of the line as they travel through the beautiful Somerset countryside to our present railhead. The units are both in British Railways Green colour scheme and will be hired to the Company for use on passenger trains, money from the hire fee being used to maintain the units and also saved towards a future refurbishment of the interior of the two units. Whilst the Somerset and Dorset will always endeavour to provide steam haulage on a number of passenger trains during the course of the operating season, we believe this diesel unit will be an added attraction and will please a new following of passengers and enthusiast alike.