D4095 was built in 1961 and was one of a class of 1,193 diesel shunting locomotives built of class 08, 09 and 10.

The locomotive spent its entire working life in Scotland until withdrawn in February 2004 and placed into storage. Purchased in April 2007 and initially based at the Gloucester Warwickshire Railway apart for a short period of contract hire to the LaFarge Quarry at Mountsorrel in 2008.

In May 2011 it was offered for sale and following a period of repairs at the GWR it was purchased by the S&DRHT in January 2012.

In December 2013, it returned back to the GWR for a short period of hire due to that railway being short on shunting locomotives. D4095 then returned back to the S&D in March 2014 and has been resident here ever since.

Since its return, it has now been retrofitted with vacuum brake equipment.

Weight in working order

49 tons approx

Top speed

15 mph

Power unit

English Electric 6KT -6 cylinder normally aspirated engine, approximately 350 bhp.


Diesel electric. 2 x English Electric 506 traction motors


Loco straight air

Vacuum train brake

Parking brake – brake shoes.



Allocation History

MPDs Fort William (63B), Inverness, Perth, 1969. Eastfield, Mar 1969. Dundee, Mar 1973. Haymarket, Sep 197. Springfield Works, May 1990. Ayr, Apr 1996.


Brian Litherland