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Roger Burfitt

M94438 CCT - Our Donated Goods Emporium

CCT M94438 was built in 1960 in Lot number 30562 in the second of 6 batches of this type of vehicle constructed at BR’s Earlestown Works, Lancashire (later part of . It was allocated for the first dozen years of its service to the London Midland Region and would originally have been in BR maroon livery.

These vehicles had a multi-functional use including parcels and until the mid-1960’s the conveyance of cars.


CCT’s were a common sight on the S&D during its last few years prior to closure. Its acquisition accords with the Trusts policy of sourcing vehicles that are appropriate to the 1950/60’s period of the lines operation.


It was withdrawn from front line BR service in 1982 and shortly after was transferred in departmental service for a number of years. It was purchased for preservation in early 2001 and moved to the Avon Valley Railway from which 20 years later it was moved to the S&D at Midsomer Norton.


Its primary function will be as a retail facility and will be located at the end of the cattle dock siding where it will be part of the overall presentation of the typical country station vista of the 1950/60’s period. That said it will be maintained in an operational condition so that it could be used in demonstration freight or parcels trains when called upon.