Coronavirus Update - Essential Maintenance Work to commence on site.

Essential Maintenance Work.
Following the Government review of the Coronavirus restrictions and guidance, the decision has been made that essential maintenance work will commence from Sunday 17th May at the railway. A number of tasks and working members have been identified and a roster drawn up that permits a maximum of two people per day, working only outside on a number of essential maintenance tasks. Guidance is provided and they have been instructed to strictly adhere to social distancing rules. It is essential that the permanent way, locomotives and rolling stock, together with other facilities are all kept in a good state of repair and ready to be re-used when the time comes to reopen to the public "which is likely to be a number of months away" 
If you are a working member and interested in helping out with the essential maintenance work, please contact your Head of Department for information. DO NOT turn up at the site unless you have been rostered to do so, you will not be permitted onsite.
The Company will periodically review the instructions and guidance in place with a view to increasing the number of working members onsite.  
We expect that it will be several months before Heritage Railways will be able to re-open to the general public, we do look forward to welcoming you back to the railway in the future, please continue to follow our website and Facebook page for further information on when this will be. In the meantime, please note that there is no public admission to the railway or its facilities. 

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Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust 16th May, 2020

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