Rail retrieval - latest Brockenhurst trip

A good number of volunteers assembled around 8am at Brockenhurst which involved some very early starts for most. The remaining wooden sleepers totalling 128 were picked up and place on one of the two lorries from Hams of Devizes. The other vehicle was loaded with both sides of a switch and a nose section and then check rails placed on top. This stage of the day was completed by lunch time.

The lorries and volunteers departed for the 2 hour trip back to Midsomer Norton and unloading of materials commenced in the early afternoon. The rail was transferred directly to the sturgeon and secured; the sleepers were then placed in stacks on the offloading road in readiness for transfer to temporary storage on the Somervale land.

We completed the offloading at about 6.30pm with vehicle and station lights for illumination. The end of a tiring but rewarding day.

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Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust 1st February, 2020

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