SDRHT 50/50 Club Manager

The S&DRHT are currently in the process of launching our own 50/50 Prize Draw fund.

The prize draw fund will generate income in order to allow the railway to expand and improve the facilities for both our members and visitors to our railway. The income into the fund will be split 50/50 between prizes -1st,2nd and 3rd prizes drawn each month and 50% to the Trust  to help fund new projects and improvements to the railway.

We are seeking a member with a few hours a week spare time to run this exciting new project for the Trust and help to generate funds to improve our railway.

Responsibilities to include:
·  Maintaining a register of all players and their payments.
·  Overseeing the monthly prize draw.
·  Maintaining a record of prize draw income and expenditure.

If this is something that you are interested in running on behalf of our railway please contact 

Brian Litherland

[email protected]

Published By:

Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust 30th March, 2018

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