Gail Coleshill

We're Back!

Volunteer gardeners have been allowed back at Midsomer Norton Station under a strict Covid 19 protocol which specifies social distancing, hand washing and keeping to certain areas. The gardeners have started by grass cutting and clearing some of the obvious overgrowth of plant life but have been pleased to see the wildflowers and insects in the meadow area. Clearing and strimming up the line has also started.

There is a good and accessible footpath alongside the line outside the boundary fence where walkers are welcomed. Wildflowers including Orchids, Bramble roses, Elder Flowers, Campion can be seen growing alongside the line. Although there are no trains currently running, the Trust wants to make it clear that railway lines and stations can be dangerous places and warn people not to go through barrier fences and on to the line. The rails themselves can act as trip hazards and there are many other pieces of equipment that can be hazardous.

Other Volunteers are gradually being allowed back on-site to work.  At this time no decision has been made about when events will restart or trains will run again. The borders of flowering plants, however, can be seen from the road and the volunteers will be working hard to make them look as pretty as possible

12th June, 2020

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