Signal Box Visits & Operating Days

The signal box will be operational on the days shown in the events calendar.  It is also occasionally in use on other Sundays and Mondays for shunting purposes. Unless a sign is hung to the contrary, visitors are very welcome to visit - just knock on the door.

We always welcome anyone who is interested in volunteering for training as a signalman and of course there are always jobs to be done with the signalling team even if you don’t want to become a qualified signalman.  The signalling training takes between four and eight months and involves a thorough knowledge of our Rule Book and procedures and a practical examination by our Signal Inspector.

Most training is 'on the job' and so the same commitment in time and availability will be needed while training as when you are qualified. This will be mainly weekends and Bank Holidays when the railway is open to the public.

If you are interested in training to be a signalman please contact 01761 411221 or better still, come along to one of our operating or volunteer days and talk to one of the signalling team.


Midsomer Norton South Signal Box 2019
B Hill

Work on the signalling takes places mainly on Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays. At present we are extending the system which involves some heavy work and some lighter electrical installation.   These are exciting times for us and if you like building a railway and would like to join our team you are very welcome. No special  skills are required but a degree of physical fitness will be needed as much of the work requires a walk of 500m over rough ground to reach the worksites. Here is a flavour of some of the work we do.