RFM leaves Midsomer Norton south station under escort - August 12th 2021
Matt Cornborough

Latest stock movements at Midsomer Norton

Thursday August 12th saw the departure of RFM (Restaurant First Modular) coach and an Iron Ore Tippler wagon.

The RFM coach was moved to it's new home on a Cider Farm not far from West Pennard station thus continuing at least the geographical association with the S&D. It will eventually be used to provide refreshments for visitors to the Cider Farm. This movement required a significant amount of preparatory work including several visits by the P Way gang to lay a short length of track at the coach's new home. The departure on Thursday ended a 16 year stay at Midsomer Norton when the buffet coach was the main food & hot drink facility on site. We now have the superbly restored RMB (Restaurant Miniature Buffet) for this purpose which is a more suitable vehicle and more in keeping with the railway era we wish to portray.

Iron Ore Tippler bound for Northampton & Lamport Railway

Also on it's way was 26 Ton Iron Ore Tippler B388612 pictured here on the low loader in the station yard. This wagon is bound for the Northampton and Lamport Railway were it will form part of a demonstration freight train consistent with the iron ore heritage of that particular line and locality.

Iron Ore Tippler getting ready to depart Midsomer Norton - 12th August 2021
Matt Cornborough

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Patrick Stevenson 13th August, 2021

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