Mineral WagonSept2020
Barrie Papworth

Restoration Update

The small number of working volunteers who make up the railways Carriage and Wagon team continue to make fantastic progress with the work to overhaul the two 16 ton mineral wagons that the railway purchased a number of months ago, as well as the continuing refurbishment of the RMB (Restaurant Minature Buffet) coach.

The two mineral wagons have been grit blasted and in the main photograph, the first one has been treated with Hydrate 80 preservative and then grey primer applied. Hydrate 80 provides powerful anti-rust treatment and protection to rusted steel surfaces. 

Meanwhile, work continues on the RMB, all the seats are currently away at a specialist upholstery company to have a new moquette applied, the old linoleum has also been removed. The interior woodwork is all in the process of being sanded down, painted and varnished. New linoleum will be installed at the end of October and then all the seats re-installed. The RMB will then be a fantastic addition to our small fleet of carriages and will also be a fantastic place to sit and enjoy refreshments when it provides the role the coach was purchased for, a buffet coach in passenger trains.

Both of the appeals are still open and all donations will be very gratefully received and used to progress the work on these vehicles.

RMB Appeal

Mineral Wagon Appeal




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Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust 8th September, 2020

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