BR Mk1 BSK 34527 (later numbers = M34527; ADB975470;M5562; current number = M34527). Built by BR Wolverton in 1955 to Diagram 181, Lot 30095. Converted by BR to re-railing generator coach / tool van in Tinsley Depot's breakdown train in late 1970’s. Some door & window positions modified. After withdrawal: to Churnet Valley Railway and used as mobile mess room. By 07/05: to Midsomer Norton. Maroon livery. By 01/06: carried "M5562": understood that the then owner's initial was "M" and that his date of birth was 5/5/62! Back to Churnet Valley by 11/09 for conversion back to a BSK. Returned to Midsomer Norton by 05/15. Intention is to restore to full passenger use and internally to return to as near to built condition as possible. 02/17: Vehicle now has both end gangways refitted that were removed by BR when converted for breakdown train use. The four compartment partitions that were also removed have been refitted and panel work is ongoing. Guard's compartment has been refitted and panelling of former parcels area completed. All compartments are now complete with reupholstered seats in 1950’s moquette and working lights. Vehicle has been fully brake tested.
BR mark 1 BSK M34527 built at Wolverton works in 1955